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When you ask Cornerstone Homes Realtors about selling your Home, you will receive step by step information about the sales process. Having a Realtor who will coordinate the sale of your home is essential to a successful sale. Creating a Real Estate transaction is something that we have learned through years of experience. We give our clients a written timeline of critical milestones. Which is the fundamental part of a Real Estate sales transaction! Cornerstone Homes Realtors employ the support of a Certified Real Estate Transaction Coordinator. To assist in managing the sales process.

When selling your rental property, it is essential that your Realtor is up to date with current Landlord and tenants’ rights. During the sale of a rental property occupied by a tenant, as part of our service to you. We will communicate with the tenants and follow through with all appropriate notifications. Selling homes, working with rental properties, communicating with tenants is what we do daily. You can be confident we will handle your property with care and experience.

We are always prepared to meet with new clients, preview properties, and provide Broker price opinions at no cost. Cornerstone Homes Realtors are ready to answer all your questions about Real Estate. We look forward to not only help you achieve your real estate Goals but to be here as an ongoing source of Real Estate information.

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