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Congratulations on your decision to Submit Your Offer Now With Cornerstone Homes Real Estate! When you fill out this form below an email will be sent to Johnny J. Flores Broker/Owner of Cornerstone Homes Real Estate. With the information you submit below, he will begin to research the property you would like to submit an offer on and will give you a call within the next 30 minutes. Before your offer is presented to the sellers, you will receive a comparative market analysis (CMA Report ) screenshot. This CMA report is a necessary part of submitting an offer to purchase? Though this is an expedited submission of your offer based on the CMA Report, you will be receiving by email. Your offer submission is also based on your familiarity with the properties location, and having reviewed online photos. Your offer will have a 17day buyer investigation contingency to purchase, 17-day appraisal contingency & a 21-day loan contingency. These contingencies to buy gives you time to consider your option to buy fully. Geeting your offer on the table is this best way to let the seller know you are a serious buyer! I will be requesting a copy of your pre-approval letter from your lender or proof of funds if all cash before submitting an offer to purchase. At the same time, your offer is presented, I will schedule an appointment for you to view the property.

I look forward to helping you find the home you are looking for at the best possible price!